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Fitzroy Systems has developed and supported SCALE *** Structural Calculations *** since 1994. SCALE now includes all features that were previously only available in SAND *** Structural ANalysis & Design.

*** FREE TRIAL *** SCALE iPad App *** FREE TRIAL ***

Try all of SCALE for free for two weeks on the SCALE iPad app. Download on the App Store using the link below, or search for "SCALE Structural Calculations" and get all of SCALE for free for two weeks.

SCALE *** Structural Calculations ***

SCALE is a Windows program and an iPad app, for producing structural engineers' calculations and component details for the design of a variety of components such as beams, columns and slabs, using steel, concrete, masonry and timber.

We use SCALE because it produces neatly composed calculation sheets which can easily be checked.

SCALE incorporates a library of over 1000 proforma calculations, any of which may be selected for use when SCALE is run. The content of this library is continually under review, proformas being added or modified as codes of practice develop and change. All proformas now include a parallel set of calculations for Eurocodes and British Standards.

I would like to express my thanks for the many years of use of your excellent design software which has made my life so much easier.

SCALE includes LUCID for reinforced concrete detailing and SPADE for steelwork, masonry and timber detailing. SCALE includes NL-STRESS for 2D/3D elastic analysis with linking between analysis and design, non-linear (plastic and stability) analysis, and numerous pre and post-processors for vehicle loads, guyed masts and wave forces.

Recommended software for our large and small offices.

SCALE is used in over 2000 firms. Together the users produce over one million pages of structural calculations per year; SCALE has condensed print and summary options for saving paper.

I am self employed and use SCALE everyday for design. I have also used your LUCID automatic reinforcement detailing / bar schedule for ground beams and use the automatic steel connection detailing program. I have never had any queries on either of these from site.

Windows 11

All programs are compiled in-house directly from source-code. All programs have the "Windows 10 Compatible" and "Compatible with Windows 7" logos. All programs run and are supported on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Fitzroy is not reliant on any third-party for provision of software, users are not reliant on any extra software to use SAND and SCALE.