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Sample SCALE pdf output.

For sample output calculations, detailing drawings, analysis runs and plots for over 3000 runs of SCALE, LUCID, SPADE and NL-STRESS, please download or open the pdf file below. This file is built automatically for each update. This pdf file contains bookmark links to allow you to navigate directly to each sample calculation. The pdfs in this file were created directly by SCALE and NL-STRESS, the feature of saving to pdf allows you to transmit calculations to clients and checkers which may be viewed and printed from any computer.

scalesample_all.pdf - approx. 26,000 pages, 95MB.

In addition to producing full sets of calculations, SCALE can also be instantly switched back and forth to produce summary calculations. These typically show a page of output for each calculation. Sample summary calculations are given in the pdf below.

scalesample_summaries.pdf - approx. 4700 pages, 13MB.