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Software for Structural Engineers

SCALE *** Structural CALculations Ensemble ***

SCALE is a computer program for producing neatly composed pages of structural engineers' calculations and component details for the design of a variety of components such as beams, columns and slabs, using steel, concrete, masonry and timber.

SCALE incorporates a library of nearly 1000 proforma calculations, any of which may be selected for use when SCALE is run. The content of this library is continually under review, proformas being added or modified as codes of practice develop and change.

SCALE includes LUCID for reinforced concrete detailing and SPADE for steelwork, masonry and timber detailing. Each program takes the form of a text file - written using a simple notation for control. The engineer may alter or extend any program, or write his/her own and add them into the ensemble. SCALE includes NL-STRESS for 2D/3D elastic analysis with linking between analysis and design.

SCALE itself contains proformas on the following subjects, these are listed in full in the pdf below.

  • Reinforced Concrete Design to BS8110 and Eurocode 2
  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design to BS5400 and DOT
  • Reinforced Concrete Design to BS8007, BS8666 and Section Analysis
  • Composite Construction
  • Timber Design to BS5268 and Eurocode 5
  • Steel Design to BS5400 and DOT
  • Steel Design to BS5950-1:2000 and Eurocode 3
  • Masonry Design to BS5628, MEXE and Eurocode 6
  • Analysis by NL-STRESS
  • Analysis by Traditional Methods
  • Pre and Postprocessors for Structural Analysis
  • Loadings and Foundations
  • Drainage and Surveying
  • Mathematics
  • Manuals and Miscellaneous

SCALE is used in over 2000 firms. Together the users produce over one million pages of structural calculations per year; SCALE has condensed print and summary options for saving paper.

The output from SCALE is a set of pages, neatly titled, dated and numbered, containing calculations and component details made to a standard suitable for submission to a checking authority.

All proformas have now been modified such that each proforma will allow design to the previous British Standard showing full workings displayed to the British Standard, or design to the new Eurocode with full working displayed to the Eurocode. The user can choose the code at the start of the proforma and alternate between codes as required.

Sample output.

For sample output calculations, detailing drawings, analysis runs and plots for over 3000 runs of SCALE, LUCID, SPADE and NLSTRESS, please download or open the pdf file below. This file is built automatically for each update. This pdf file contains bookmark links to allow you to navigate directly to each sample calculation. The pdfs in this file were created directly by SCALE and NLSTRESS, the feature of saving to pdf allows you to transmit calculations to clients and checkers which may be viewed and printed from any computer.

scalesample_all.pdf - approx. 15,000 pages, 52MB.

In addition to producing full sets of calculations, SCALE can also be instantly switched back and forth to produce summary calculations. These typically show a page of output for each calculation. Sample summary calculations are given in the pdf below.

scalesample_summaries.pdf - approx. 4000 pages, 12MB.

If required, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.