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Sample calcs.

For sample calcs click here, scalesample.pdf - approx. 500 pages, 3MB.

(Please note, there may be a short delay while Adobe Acrobat Reader downloads and opens the 3MB file.)

The pdf linked above contains an easy-to-print list of all the proformas, including sample output calculations and detailing drawings for nearly 100 of the proformas, please download or open the pdf file. This pdf file contains bookmark links to allow you to navigate directly to each sample calculation. The pdfs in this file were created directly by SCALE, the feature of saving to pdf allows you to transmit calculations to clients and checkers which may be viewed and printed from any computer.

If you require further examples of calculations, please email Ian with a list of proforma numbers which are of specific interest to you.

Ian's email adress is "Ian" followed by an @ sign followed by "" (without the quotes).

(If required, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from here.)